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Creations found here are from the twisted, yet cute and fuzzy mind of Pixy Snook. Creatures loiter around in her head that need to be released and she does so by converting them to artistic digital art in various ways. Skins, makeups and limited amounts of clothing make up her small little store, though her mind wanders often and rarely sticks to any sort of schedule. 

To blog for her, either send an IM or NC for an application to Pixy Snook or Julya Lykin. 

Pixy joins in the occasional hunt and sale or discount room and all the posters are hung at the store. Most can also be found my looking at her blog which is listed below. 

~PixyStix~ LM:

→ Flickr Group: ~PixyStix~ http://www.flickr.com/groups/2248690@N22/

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