Rebel Application

**Either copy this application or go in-world & pick up an application.  There is a mailbox in the center.  Please put the notecard in the mailbox when finished.**

<=== Total Anarchy ===>


First off we are COMPLETELY non politically correct here.  This discount room is not for the faint of heart, nor those who get easily butt hurt.

Total Anarchy has been restructured from every 2 weeks to a month long event.. It opens up for many different styles.  Some include: Goth, Cyberpunk, Post Apocalyptic, Punk, Vampire, Alternative, Metal, Rockstar, & Biker.

We will be including: fashion, accessories, hair, skin, shapes, textures, furniture, household goods, shoes, & guy stuff too.

It does not matter if you have an in-world store or Marketplace. As long as it is your OWN creations.  Allowing Marketplace designers participate give them some exposure they might not have otherwise.

Total Anarchy was designed to be chaotic. To give the designer complete control of WHAT they will be making for the event.  We don't care how much or little you put out, as long as you do not go over 5 prims.  You want to put out a vendor & have 10 things in it, so be it. There are no limits. AS long as the product(s) fall into the styles mentioned above you're good & no more then 66L.

Each event will be 3 weeks long.  After the 3 weeks there will be a week long break. Taking a week off will give us more time to promote, and make the event better.

**Must be your own work.  NO Business In A Box**

We will be sending out invitations & accepting applications.  It is on a first come first serve basis.  If the round has been filled you will be put on a waiting list.  The entry fee will be 100L, NON refundable.  Once you commit & submit your info, suck it up & get your shit done. We're not your whores & will not ride your ass. If we were your whores, you'd still have to pay us.  Get your shit done & on time.  There will be one reminder the night before the round you're in starts.

You will be sent the set up date.  You must be set up @ midnight of the event.  We will be opening @ noon of set up day.  If you fuck up, the person on the top of the waiting list gets bumped up & you're out!  Cause you're a lazy fucker & deserve to lose it all. No Refunds.  After all this is Total Anarchy. Consider it for pain and suffering.

Your Name:
(Not screen name)

Store Name:


What's your product?:

Provide 2 Examples Of The Product You Sell (photos):

Store Logo:

Send the notecard to Julya Lykin here:  Once she receives your notecard she will contact you for the payment of 50L.  DO NOT send money before speaking to her, otherwise your assed out.  Once the payment is received you will be given a notecard to be able to set up your section.

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