Sunday, November 24, 2013

Drop Dead Gorgeous Hunts

Blogged by Annabella Noel

Currently, Drop Dead Gorgeous is involved in two hunts. One is the "Forbidden Apple Hunt" (L$1 Hunt, 22nd Nov. - 8th Dec.), and the second is the "Brit Tits Hunt" (L$0 Hunt, 23rd Nov. - 20th Dec.).  Below, you will see what DDG is offering there.  The hair is the Alli&Ali Designs groupie gift on their front desk for this week.

 ::Drop Dead Gorgeous:: Fairest of Them All - Peach

 ::Drop Dead Gorgeous:: English Rose

Skin 1:  ::Drop Dead Gorgeous:: Fairest of Them All - Peach (from the "Forbidden Apple Hunt," L$1), found @ Drop Dead Gorgeous:

Skin 2:  ::Drop Dead Gorgeous:: English Rose (from the "Brit Tits Hunt, L$0), found @ Drop Dead Gorgeous:

Hair:  A&A Laurie Hair Sunset, Groupie Present f (22nd Nov.2013 [group join L$0] ), found @ Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore:

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