Friday, August 2, 2013

Round 3

There has been changes around Total Anarchy.  We will no longer be changing stores out every 2 weeks.  We have now extended their stay for 21 days.  So that gives you a full 3 weeks to come get the goodies.  So what's gonna happen the last week.  We that's when we get a rest after causing so much havok.  Round 4 will come September 2nd.  Everything is still 66L or under.

Stores Participating in Round 3:

Shame Me Designs
Im Capped
The Little Bat
Kita's Sideshow
Shadow Moon
Diverse Creations
Venomous Rage Designs
Tribal Burial
Gloomy Thoughts
Insatiable Fashions
Bizzare Hair

If you are interested in participating in the next round that starts September 2nd.  Check this page out for details:

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