Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Welcome Total Anarchy

We here @ Total Anarchy can not wait to create chaos across SL.  Total Anarchy is a discount room you've never seen before.  It is DEFINITELY not for the weak @ heart.  If you tend to get butt hurt this blog isn't for you.  We are direct, truthful and completely non-politically correct.   You have been WARNED!  We will be bringing you the darker side of SL.  Things for: Goth, Cyberpunk, Tank Girl, Comic, Punk, Werewolf, Vampire, Alternative, Metal, Rockstar, & Biker. Anything chaotic.

We are not focusing on boobie friendly, but you will find it here.  Things included will be: clothes, accessories, hair, skin, shapes, textures, furniture, house ware goods, shoes, & guy stuff too.

Here @ Total Anarchy we call Designers Rebels & Bloggers Reporters.  In which we are looking for both.  Wanna know how (points up) look up.  The tabs will show you the way.

Total Anarchy will be coming @ you July 5th.  Deadline for first round is July 1.

Total Anarchy Crue

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